3 Reasons Why Having Home Insurance Is Important – Orrville, OH

September 2022 - 1 (Blog Image)

Home Insurance Orrville, OH

1) Home Insurance Is Required By Most Banks

Often times when establishing a mortgage loan on a house with a credit union or bank, they will require insurance coverage on the house during the course of the loan. They require this because the financial institution owns the home until its paid off and need protection should major damage come to the house. Home insurance protects you as well as the institution.

2) Home Insurance Protects You

Storms can bring lots of damage to your home, and sometimes the damage is extensive. Home Insurance protects you by paying those large out of pocket expenses for you, so you don't have to.

3) The Right Coverage Matters

Working with TIG means that you have a trusted partner that ensures you have the proper coverage ready when you need it. Having the right coverage means you pay for what you need and we are here to help with all of your questions along the way.

TIG Insurance is your local and independent home insurance agency in Orrville, OH. Talk with a local agent and feel comfortable knowing your home is covered.