3 Ways Farm Insurance Protects You From the Unexpected – Orrville, OH


Farm Insurance Orrville, OH

1) Farm Insurance Reduces Liability for Animals

If you're raising and caring for animals on your farm, farm insurance is a crucial way to protect yourself from the unexpected loss of livestock. Our farm coverage can give you the peace of mind that you're protected should this happen.

2) Farm Equipment Protection

Large farm equipment can be very costly to replace and in the event of storms, or other unforeseen damage, our coverage can protect you from being liable for those expensive replacement costs for new equipment.

3) Barn/Structure Protection

Most homeowners policies do not cover barn or other farm related structures. With the right coverage from TIG, your barn and other farm structures will be covered from unforeseen damage or total loss.

TIG Insurance is your local and independent farm insurance agency in Orrville, OH. Talk with a local agent and feel comfortable knowing your farm is covered.