3 Tips To Winterize Your Car – Orrville, OH

December 2022 - 3 (Blog Image)

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1) Keep Your Windshield Fluid Topped Off

Keeping your reservoir on full means it will be ready in the sudden event of wet precipitation, or it allows you to clean off your windshield from oncoming splashes. This will keep your visibility to a maximum when driving, and keep you safe.

2) Use Coolant Rather Than Water

Using coolant does indeed keep your vehicle "cool" when hot, however it serves another crucial function for your engine. Coolant's dual purpose is that it keeps your engine from freezing! Rather than tap water which will freeze when below 32 degrees, the additives in coolant allow it to work in cold temps.

3) Switch To Winter Tires

Winter tires are probably the most important defense against the winter weather. The added traction and soft rubber allows your car to get maximum traction even in the worst conditions. Front wheel, rear wheel, or all wheel drives will benefit from winter tires, dont take a chance with under-performing tires!

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